AL-31F Turbojet Bypass Engine With A Common Afterburner

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The AL-31F powers Su-27 fighter-interceptor and its Su-27UB training-combat version, Su-30MKK, Su-33. The engine design is two-shaft, with flows blending behind the turbine.
Designer: Saturn Research and Production Association JSC, A. Lyulka Research And Technology Centre, Russia, Moscow.

Dimensions, mm:                                                        
  • engine length - 4945;
  • variable nozzle length - 1603;
  • intel diameter - 905.
Dry weight, kg - 1488.

Ground performance:
  • full augmented thrust, kgf - 12500;
  • minimum specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf.h - 0,67;
  • air consumption, kg/s - 112.
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