International co-operation

Foreign Economic Activities
UMPO JSC is a well-known exporter of aircraft military equipment. For the first time the Company entered the foreign market in 1952. Engines are exported in various countries of the world both installed on aircrafts and separately in line with intergovernmental contracts.
Engines produced by the Company are operated in 49 countries of the world.
Today the export programme represents engines: AL-31F, AL-31FP for aircraft family Su-27 and Su-30. The current manufacture comprises the following:
-         two modifications of engine AL-31F for aircraft Su-27SK, Su-30 family, Su-34, Su-33;
-         the first in the world engine AL-31FP of “4+” generation with thrust vectoring control for aircraft Su-30 family;
-         engines R95Sh, R195 for a/c Su-25, Su-39.
The programme of the nearest future provides full-scale production of engine AL-55I for the trainer airplane and engine 117S.
Since 1954 UMPO is known as the manufacturer of helicopter transmissions and control units.
At present the Company produces rotor masts for helicopters Ka-27, Ka-28, Ka-29, Ka-31, Ka-32, swash plate, fan and brake units for helicopter Mi-26.
UMPO carries out after-sales technical support in operation and repair of all aircraft engines and helicopter units including engine types produced earlier (R13-300, R25-300, R29B-300, R29BS-300).
The Company accumulated wide experience of military-technical cooperation with foreign countries. Additionally to finishe product supply, the licence production of engines Vk-1F, RD-9B, R11F-300, R29B-300, AL-31F has been mastered by five foreign countries under technical support of UMPO.
Servicing technical centres for engine reconditioning are being arranged.
The Company keeps up business cooperation on production and repair of aircraft engines and helicopter units with enterprises in China, Korea, India, Vietnam etc. 

Within the last three years UMPO takes the highest position in rating among 100 largest manufacturers and exporters of military equipment in accordance with information of weekly journal “Defense News”.
In India UMPO’s engines obtained the recognition of reliable and qualitative. By the General Contract for sale of licence production of Su-30MKI aircraft UMPO was defined the head Company in rendering technical support of AL-31FP thrust vectoring control engines production in HAL facilities.
UMPO transfers technical documentation and engine manufacturing procedure, produces large scope of various equipment, non-standard items and technological sets of parts and units to assemble engines at various stages. The Company will have intense work in fulfilling its obligations on licence contract with India during the nearest 10 years.
We obliged to our successes at the foreign market not only for splendid combat features and performances and reasonable prices but also for qualitative after-sales support worldwide. Special divisions on operation and repair provide warranty and post-warranty servicing and repair as well as modifications.    
Engineers and technicians of the Company develop and put into operation servicing technical centres, repair complexes and objects in various countries of the world.
At UMPO premises all kinds of technical personnel training on design, operation and repair of aeroengines and helicopter units are performed.
International cooperation of UMPO with enterprises of the Ukrain (MKB Progress and JSC Motor Sich) on production of civil engines (D-436T1 for a/c Tu-334, D-436TP for Be-200 amphibians) is being developed.
The new product with which UMPO enters the international market is modifications of AL-31F for stationary utilization of gas turbine drive engines AL-31ST for gas pumping units and power unit AL-31STE.
Our approach to business is based on accuracy, responsibility and interests of customers.
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